HR – Compensation & Benefits Consultant


Veira Partners consulting services can assist you in ensuring your Total Rewards Programs affordably drive the behaviors and skills that support the success of your business.  We do this by auditing the fairness and effectiveness of your pay programs, creating a total compensation philosophy, determining your organizational and job structures, designing a total compensation program, and communicating the total value of your compensation plan.

You may need assistance if your current pay policy does not have a process around determining pay levels for jobs, if your current pay system is too cumbersome, if you have too many exceptions to policies, or if you do not have any practicing pay policies at all.  If this is your situation, we can help you development a Base Salary Pay Program that includes:

  • Job analysis and design including job evaluation and market pricing
  • Compensation Program Guidelines – promotions, transfers, out of cycle market adjustments
  • Exempt and Non-Exempt (Salary versus Hourly) determination under the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Salary grades and pay ranges
  • Cost impact of new pay structure
  • Career Pathing
  • Annual merit salary increase guidelines and administration

Should your base pay and any on-going increases to base salary become too costly, and / or if you desire to incentivize or reward your employees based on the achievement of goals, we can help you design programs to encourage your employees to go above and beyond by creating or improving your Variable Pay Plans such as:

  • Individual, team, group incentive pay
  • Company annual bonus program based on company and employee performance
  • Sales compensation programs and incentives
  • Non-cash award plans

Should your organization be in a start up, growth mode, and/or challenging phase where you are in need of encouraging your employees to come on board and/or staying for long periods of growth, you may want to provide equity incentives to attract and retain the caliber employees to maintain the success of your company, you may want to offer or enrich equity plans within your company.  We can assist you with reviewing and determining the best Equity Plans for you such as:

  • Incentive Stock & Nonqualified options
  • Performance Share Plans
  • Performance Unit Plans
  • Stock Purchase Plans

Should you experience any ‘turnover’ and the employees that are leaving your organization are the precise employees that you wish to retain, you may benefit from developing and or improving your “Performance Management System” that directly Link Pay for Performance, Veira Partners is able to assist you with the creation of:

  • Annual Objectives
  • Competencies that drive business success
  • Performance appraisal forms and instructions
  • Linking pay increases to performance

Executive Compensation has become the most visible and important compensation program that ensures the success and sustainability of your Organization.  Should you have challenges in growing your company or retaining the talent required to sustain the success of your organization you may wish to review the effectiveness and reporting compliance of your executive compensation programs.   We can assist you in determining the effectiveness of your executive plans such as:

  • Market based “Base Pay”
  • Short & Long Term Cash Incentives
  • Executive perks
  • Long term equity based plans
  • Supplemental retirement plans (SERP’s)

Veira Partners consulting services can assist you in ensuring your Total Benefits Programs are affordable and attract and retain the caliber of employees you need in order to drive your business.  We do this by reviewing your benefits package for market competitiveness, affordability and government compliance.

Due to the changing landscape of government compliance you may wish to review your current benefits package, or you may be a start-up organization and need assistance in designing Health & Welfare Plans, or just need assistance with the communications, and training of your new programs.  What-ever your situation is, Veira Partners can assist you with the design, review, communication and training for:

  • Health Insurance Plans including HSA’s, HRA’s, Cafeteria Plans, etc.
  • Welfare Plans – Disability, Life, and Long Term Care
  • Paid Time Off Plans – Workers Compensation, FMLA Leave
  • Retirement Savings Plans – 403b, 401k

Should you wish to renew your contract with your current benefit vendors or conduct a full Request for Proposal (RFP) and solicit bids from others, Veira Partners can assist with managing the project, vendor selection, and reviewing the scope of services.

For more information, please contact Veira Partners at 402-416-8934